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Another volume build-up in the logistics industry

Release time: 2021-09-22

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Another volume build-up in the logistics industry

   The business scope of Jiangsu Jiajia New Material Group Co., Ltd. includes: nano-materials research and development; processing and sales of negative ion dehyde paper; manufacturing and processing of composite laminate flooring, steel flooring, decorative paper, fireproof board, furniture, wood products, metal stampings, lamps and lanterns, glass products, etc. This time, our company is responsible for the printing plate roll automatic storage system, the project will be put into use in June 2021, the first phase of the project is planned to have two double-deep aisles, shelf height of 20M, plate roll specifications D446mmxL1965mm, weight 400kg, vertical storage can store 3248 plate rolls, procurement with RFID information management system, through two double-station RGV and a row of rack robots. To realize the automatic in/out operation of plate rolls.

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