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The Tomorrow of Smart Warehousing

Release time: 2021-10-08

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The Tomorrow of Smart Warehousing

      Domestic mature intelligent storage solutions in addition to material management functions, in addition to: dynamic inventory: support "multiple + off-site + simultaneous" inventory, inventory at the same time can be in and out of the warehouse bookkeeping, inventory is very intuitive.Dynamic Inventory: Reproduce the inventory situation in the historical period to facilitate financial audit. Document confirmation: Confirmation is required to update inventory after inbound, outbound and transfer orders are made.RFID handheld management: Use handhelds for document confirmation, inventory, and query statistics.Warehouse position management:RFID associated with the fourth positioning (warehouse shelf layer).Quality inspection management:strong inspection items registration, incoming quality inspection confirmation, external inspection notice.Quota managementCollaterals quota, reserve quota, project quota.Full lifecycle management: The whole process of material management from incoming to outgoing to the end of life.Project management: single project A-supply management. Demand material procurement plan approval: approval authority, approval process, inbound notification, and realization of unlimited approval hierarchy.

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