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Application of stacker cranes in stereo warehouses

Release time: 2021-10-09

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Application of stacker cranes in stereo warehouses

      With the development of modern industrial production, railed aisle stacking crane technology is constantly improving and perfecting. The tracked alley stacking crane, is the * important lifting and transportation equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse, is ** the symbol of the characteristics of the three-dimensional warehouse. Lane stacker crane is the host of three-dimensional warehouse equipment, is a lifting machine running on the track, it can be in three-dimensional space (walking, lifting, both sides of the telescoping) in accordance with a certain sequence of combinations of reciprocal movement, in order to complete the collection of units or picking goods in and out of the warehouse operations. There are various ways to classify the railed aisle stacker crane, in the current three-dimensional warehouse applications, the stacker crane * common is classified by structure form and running track.