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Knoya Furniture Automatic Storage System

Knoya Furniture Automatic Storage System

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Guangdong Kanoa Home Furnishing Co. is a custom home furnishing and supporting home furnishing franchise enterprise, but also a high-tech enterprise. Kanoa's brand products include whole house custom home furnishing and supporting home furnishing, providing customers with one-stop, personalized "space customization" solutions. The stores are located in thousands of cities at home and abroad.

Canoa Qingyuan Industry 4.0 production base has been officially and successfully put into production, and the first phase of comprehensive annual output value can reach 1.5 billion. The project adopts the Internet of Things technology to build an intelligent storage system, which will be intelligent, automated and informationized throughout the whole process, realizing accurate batch processing and quality tracing from raw materials to finished products, truly realizing scientific and intelligent management.

This time, HERO undertakes the storage and distribution of finished products of automated warehousing logistics system, and it realizes the seamless connection between workshop and warehouse logistics. Project scale: 15 meters high, 4 double-deep aisles, 4878 cargo spaces, cargo units: 1300*2500*600/800mm, with 4 stacker cranes, 3 hoists and more than 200 conveyors of various types for inbound and outbound operations.