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Information Management and Control Systems

Information Management and Control Systems


Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) can automatically complete the access to goods in accordance with the instructions, automatic management of inventory goods, fully automated operations. Automated warehouse system is mainly divided into three levels, the top layer is the warehouse management system WMS, responsible for the processing of warehouse business logic; the middle layer is the equipment monitoring system WCS, responsible for the coordination and scheduling of the bottom logistics equipment, in accordance with the program pre-set instructions, so that the bottom logistics equipment can execute the business processes of the warehouse.

HERO's self-developed warehouse management system has the following features: 

Operation interface - friendly human-machine Chinese interface, simple and intuitive operation, easy to learn, reducing the cost of user training and support

Permission control - provide permission control and logging to support system security and traceability

Cargo space allocation - Cargo space allocation supports the principles of user-specified, emergency priority, first-in-first-out, near first, then far, low first, then high, and even distribution of lanes, and supports cargo batch management

Information query - provide multi-conditions combination query to reflect inventory status information in many aspects and in a timely manner

Inventory alarm - provide upper and lower inventory limit settings, alarm statistics when goods are below safety stock

Bar code management--realize bar code management of pallets and goods in three-dimensional warehouse; cooperate with lower computer equipment and upper monitoring system to realize full automation of in/out operation

Equipment monitoring - equipment monitoring system provides equipment monitoring interface, which can intuitively and clearly understand the operation status of each equipment

Seamless interface - interface with existing upper information systems of the enterprise for seamless integration (ERP, SAP, etc.)

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