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AGV/RGV systems

AGV/RGV systems

AGV/RGV systems


AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is an unmanned vehicle, which is equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic, laser, etc., capable of traveling along the set guidance path without the need for professional tracks, with safety protection and various shifting functions, with a rechargeable battery as its power source.

According to the different ways of working, Hangrui AGV can be divided into: handling type AGV, assembly type AGV, traction type AGV, fork type AGV, etc.

The HERO AGV system has the following features.

Flexibility: standardized control system and software interface, organically combined with other systems, can constitute any combination of logistics system.

Extensibility: When the logistics route changes or the layout changes, the corresponding software can be modified upon request, making it easy to expand the system.

Reliability: The simulation software is fully utilized to simulate the system operation, which improves the stability performance of the system operation.

Operability: The Chinese operating system of touch screen and the self-diagnosis function of the system are convenient for operators.

AGV/RGV system manufacturer


RGV, is the abbreviation of Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV), also known as rail shuttle trolley, RGV trolley can be used for all kinds of high-density storage method of the warehouse, trolley channel can be designed any length, can improve the entire warehouse storage capacity, and in the operation without forklift into the aisle, so that its security will be higher. In the use of forklifts do not need to enter the aisle advantage, with the rapid operation of the trolley in the aisle, effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

It can be very easily connected automatically with other logistics systems, such as outbound/inbound stations, various buffer stations, conveyors, lifts and robots, to convey materials according to a schedule. In addition, it requires no personnel to operate and operates at a fast speed. As a result, the workload of warehouse managers is reduced and labor productivity is increased, while the application of shuttles can make the logistics system very simple.

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