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Hard-to-hard OCA full lamination

Hard-to-hard OCA full lamination

       OCA ( Optical Clear Adhesive ), is a special double-sided adhesive without substrate optically transparent, belongs to the class of pressure-sensitive adhesive. Colorless and transparent, light transmission rate of more than 90%, good adhesive strength, can be fixed at room temperature or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of curing shrinkage is small.

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      Full lamination technology is the current mainstream trend** for smartphone and tablet panel lamination. The panel and the touch screen are completely pasted together in a gapless manner, which can provide a better image display effect of screen reflection. Eliminate screen dust, water vapor screen isolated dust and water vapor, ordinary lamination method of air layer is susceptible to environmental dust and water vapor pollution, affecting the use of the machine, and full lamination OCA optical adhesive filled the gap, display panel and touch screen closely fit, dust and water vapor nowhere to enter, maintaining the cleanliness of the screen.